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Like Tim Eyman – Alcohol Now Charges you More

June 12, 2012

From time to time, liberal columnists are able to ignore the war-profiteering crimes all around them…and point out to us that Tim Eyman is almost exactly like Rep. Norm Dicks.

For more on the horror that are Tim Eyman’s corporate overlords, go here.  For more on Rep. Norm Dicks’ corporate overlords, read Joel’s article again, pretend it’s about Norm, and toss in Boeing, Lockheed Martin, the Patriot Act and the Mujahedin’s Poppies to Heroin Association…you’ll then get a clearer picture of why it’s just easier to blame Nader for everything.

In other drunken Washington State news, your alcohol is just like Tim Eyman too…in that they’re now both more expensive, because you voted for them!

You see, dear voter, when corporations pay to take over state services, the price of said services and goods will go…up.  This is why God invented Capitalism, so that we could be charged more for alcohol, and Joel Connelly could get paid to ignore the Progressive War Profiteering.

Corporations tend to mark shit up to make a…profit.  Then, after marking the shit up (alcohol) to a higher level than previously pondered, said shit in turn, will then trickle back down to us in the form of – You Voted for It!

Stay tuned in the next 8 months or so, when I’ll be explaining how it is that spending tens of trillions of our tax dollars on war profiteering, torture, the Bank of Murica, and the salaries of a million overpaid nerds with Top Secret clearances – to read your stupid emails…in no way adversely affects our economy and or moral compasses.

It’s like both sides of the pretend political divide, can’t see the Nobel Peace Prize winners kill list – for the Nobel Peace Prize kill list that it is.

In case of Patriot Acts – always drink more and don’t break any windows
Sure liquor costs more now
Lucky for us – SWAT Teams only kick in doors
When they’re hunting for Pot Smokers and or Spanish Speakers.

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