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Burned Twice — Shame On…Fool Me Can’t Again!

June 11, 2012

I sure miss the idiot Bush.  I miss his blank stare and his butcherin’ of hysterical-like quotes from the Rove soundstage in Crawford.  Those were great times for photography – and even ‘greaterist’ times for the English language.

Had the idiot king never left his throne, millions of progressive democrats would still be in the streets…protesting with their well-spelled signs in a valiant – yet futile attempt, at bringing justice to the idiot king.

Had the idiot king never left his throne – the progressive dems might have mounted some sort of Daily Kos window breaking brigade!  Or maybe even a MoveOn.bumpersticker flash mob?

We’re 6 months into 2012, and the best offense that progressive dems can mount, is to defend President Obama from the likes of  Rep. Peter King (T)…who in fact, actually agrees with much of what the President is currently doing.

This proves in my mind at least, that the best offense…is indeed a retarded defense.  For more, see Rep. Peter King, Leon Panetta and the never-ending war profiteering around the globe.

Or see Darcy Burner for yet even more.

The Teabagger’s fear of gay marriage, is as telling as the fear of progressive war-profiteering tribunals.  Gay marriage won’t end the human race as we pretend it to be…but a progressive war-profiteering tribunal most certainly would.

See Rep. Conyers book on impeachment for less.  Then watch 60 Minutes for even more of the less, or more, depending on how one looks at “things”.

We know that the shallow end of the gene-pool runs pretty shallow.  Unfortunately, the deep end of the gene-pool also runs pretty shallow.  For more, see Jamie Dimon in chains and the never-ending war-profiteering for Boeing.

Help us Obi-Wan Al Roker…you’re pretty much our only pathetic chance.

Burned twice — shame on…fool me can’t again!

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  1. Karma Tenzing Wangchuk permalink
    June 11, 2012 10:27

    One of your more incoherent rants, Lens. Loved it!


    • June 11, 2012 10:36

      Al Roker says it’s going to be sunny today! : )
      Thanks Tenzing, always appreciate you stoppin by



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