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June 5, 2012

Three of the most important events to have ever occurred on this planet, happened to many of us during the 1990’s.  Those three things being: the music escaping from Seattle, micro-beer, and the ability to look at pornography on AOL dial-up.

Another was the coffee – so that makes four.

Never misunderestimate good beer and coffee
or it’s daring escaping from Seattle…
the faster internet connections were also quite nice.

AOL dial-up could have been the death knell for what remained of the eighties, but mainly, I think it was the saggy pants. Saggy pants combined with Dave Matthews – are what killed the eighties
and tighter pants.

Never misunderestimate the power of Dave Matthews
or pants worn with a belt

There were some good times in the eighties – like Reagan’s cheese, busted union food banks, and the life-altering poverty in Vancouver, Washington.  Life that was so life-altering…even Bruce Springsteen wouldn’t sing about us.

Always misunderestimate the nutritional value
of Reagan’s Cheese.
Never strive to get Springsteen to sing about you.

Between Reagan’s cheese and Springsteen ignoring us, about the only way out for many of we the pre-Patriot Acted, was the heroin in Portland, or the MRE’s in the military.

For those of you who never enjoyed a Vietnam-era pork patty MRE – during the 1980’s – it was a bit like being strung out anywhere near Burnside in Portland…with far less hair – and many more pushups.

Do not misunderestimate the power of the economic draft.

1980, if I misremember correctly, was very similar to 2000, in that we were expecting something bigger to happen.  Years of working for nothing, coupled with the invention of good beer and Soundgarden et al. – kept us comfortably numb.  It was not until about December of 2000…that something bigger had in fact happened.

Al Gore’s lockbox: over-misunderestimated
why not blame Ralph Nader

Misunderestimating the Bush wars – got us Obama’s.  Misremembering old atrocities as victories, allows new ones to be misinterpreted in their place.  Eating today’s Monsanto flavored food, is about as good for us as that old pork patty Domino Theory…dressed up as a
patriotic MRE.

From Spokane to Vancouver, the old breweries are gone – and new wars have taken their place.  Art is too expensive…while world wars on people, education and the planet…are actually quite affordable.  Thanks?

We’ve come along way since the 90’s, the 80’s and the others.  Better beer is still readily available, though we probably shouldn’t drink the water.  Soundgarden is still on the radio – and the internet distractions load much faster.

As an added bonus……the tuna now comes pre-cooked!

Never misunderestimate the power of the economic draft.

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  1. June 5, 2012 11:33

    Vietnam-era pork patty MRE – during the 1980′s – Nice.

    Some people buy those for camping or hunting.

    I’m not a picky eater, but MREs are not on the menu unless the plane goes down and you are still alive days after the search is called off.


    • June 5, 2012 13:48

      Think I remember the peanut butter and cardboard-like crackers being semi-digestible, but the pork patty…man that was worse than just opened Spam and a spoon.

      Freeze dried has come so far, I can’t folks just move on from the brown plastic bag?

      Zombies have been in the news a bit as of late…but yeah, in a pinch the MRE would suffice.


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