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McMonday McRomney McRant

June 4, 2012

For all of the fake outrage and bluster of the Koch infested Teabangers…the best human that they could put up against the war mongering Peace Prize President, was a McRomney?

It’s like our elections aren’t even real or something.

The never-ending war crime profiteering for Bank of America, Boeing and the CIA, just lifted a cheek on the couch of phreedum…and farted in our general direction.

Being the good Patriot Acted folks that we are, we just inhaled deeply and watched the MTV Movie Awards.  Because we’re free to do so.

This McMonday Mcrant of Mcsameness could have ended there…but no, it Mcshan’t.

One pretend side O’ the pretend political divide, does fear a McRomney presidency.  For he might not force the Catholic Church to use a condom when ignoring Utah.  Yeah I know, it makes absolutely no sense to me either.

The other pretend side of the pretend political divide, still wants to let you know…that Obama isn’t white.  In fact, having spent the better part of 19 years trying to get passed the 6th grade…this one side of the pretend political divide, is also having a tough time with Hawaii.

This explains as much about the appeal of Miller Beer, as it does our No Pretend Left Turns grasp of pretend history.

The rabid war supporting Democrat, can’t acknowledge the fact that change hasn’t occurred since Genghis Khan invented the original Walmart.  The rabid war supporting Teabanger during the Bush, didn’t yet exist, because they couldn’t fathom a liberal, war mongering CIA man of color…doing a far better job than the Bush.  And in English to boot.

Guns are plentiful here in the Homeland, while geography lessons and socialist-like healthscare…sure as fuck are not.

What Clinton couldn’t accomplish by taking away our guns, Obama didn’t either.  NAFTA, 9/11, FOX News and even the Army Anthrax Attacks, were all equally successful, in wondering WTF we’re all still going on about.

I’m certain that Libya, Iraq, Vietghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iran, Mexico, Somalia, Central/South America, Syria, Gaza, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, Walmart and most of the tobacco and beer corporations…could care less what we think about our pretend lack of access – to the guns in our closets – and under our beds.

There’s a gun in the truck and there’s one in the car.  With two in the underwear drawer, this leaves room for one in the desk at work.  There’s a gun stuffed in the couch and there’s even a weapon in my pants!  There’s the gun in the garage, and two in the shed.  The gun under the porch is a secret…while the 15 others in the gun safe, are not.

While Fukushima is raining on us this fine day…many a good party member will continue to fight.  Clean coal needs an exit strategy from Montana – which means we must then ignore the next war on the State of Washington.

Why?  Because clean coal needs an exit strategy, and the Border Patrol is not exactly Ben Stein.

It’s like I don’t even have to make this shit up.

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