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Fake Betty

June 2, 2012

Why do people say grow some balls?  Balls are weak and sensitive.  If you really wanna get tough, grow a vagina!  Those things take a pounding!  – Fake Betty White

Internet memes, jokes and journalism…
the truth is out there
stop worrying about Kim Kardashian’s ass.

wika wiki wik

Obama’s wars on us, you and them
the idiot Bush
only started a few of them.

Fake Betty…wika wika – wikileak.

The War on Iran is almost won
Fake Betty journalism
it’s pushin’ 212 – and that’s old.

wiki wiki wha?

The message is in the lack of one
message forces are multiplying
there’s no left –
there’s just the other left

Fake Betty…wiki wika, wiki wikileak.

The Pentagon rhymes with Netanyahu’s street
K Street rhymes with Leon Panetta’s street
Your street –
my street –
they’re a myth.

Wiki wiki wik – a Fake Betty – Wikileak

We’ve got phreedum to shop, we’ve got phreedum to kill
some ‘think’ Clinton took away their phreedum
there’s a million Starbucks
phreedum fulfilled

Fake Betty wiki – wiki wkileak

If abortion is murder – then keep your dick in your pants.

wiki wik

Clean coal is cleaner than clean
and its coming
keep your dick in your pants.

Fake Betty wiki – wika wiki – wiki wikileak.

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