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Breasts at War

June 1, 2012

For proof that we’re nothing as advertised, look no further than the ease of which warrior mommies who breastfeed their babies in uniform…have brought us to our virgin-like knees.

Pointing out that no one is outraged by the babies in uniforms, or even the fact that warrior mommies exist…is what I’m not paid to do.

It doesn’t take the Taliban, the CIA’s al Qaedabon or even the still lobbying tobacco companies to bring us to our knees.  All it took was four breasts in uniform, a pinch of High Fructose Corn death, a few seasons of Lost…and we’re left waiting for what Wolf Blitzer and Al Roker might say next.

Like any good Democrat can tell you, the murdering and war profiteering policies of President Obama, while slightly familiar, are in no way related to anything the babbling idiot Bush mispronounced.  Ever.  Period.  End of discussion.  MoveOn, go forward, change and so on and so forth.

Obama’s endless new wars are forgotten quicker than the Leonard Peltier stickers on our wind pushed, while solar-driven cars.

Free Tibet?  Why not free Kansas?

What could possibly be next?  A false flag-like cyber attack…requiring us to retaliate by killing women and children in Honduras, Somalia and Arizona? So much  endless leaking from the White House, that if Bradley Manning had done it, David Axlerod would surely be in Guantanamo?  Bush/Cheney-like secret kill lists — no matter how many times Rep. Conyers threatens you with pretend impeachment?  Urine soaked public pools?  How about yet another untimely reminder about the BushBama Depression?

You laugh now, but do retain my words, because at some point, Geraldo Rivera will sing the praises of President Obama’s blood-lust for Northrop Grumman, and then those naked breasts – daring to feed babies in uniforms…wont be so newsworthy anymore.

And John Edwards is supposed to be the delusional bad guy?

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