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May 15, 2012

Breasts, tetas and boobs…they frighten Ted Haggard, almost as much as North Korea’s military bases in Eastern Europe and Honduras, frighten Wolf’s Blitzer.

For those of you who are semi-conscious, the above mind-salad could be construed as somewhat humorous.  For the rest of you…there’s always George Will and his carefully worded “op/ed” about cars.

Similac is people!

George and Wolf always remind me of boobs, which is a good thing, because I’m finally discussing the horrifying to some – photo of a 25 year-old-child, breastfeeding with his 22 year-old mother.  Trust me, many of us will be outraged by that pretend statement as well.

If you live anywhere near oil, Spanish speakers or any of our 8209  some odd military bases – conveniently located nowhere near the Homeland…you’re already aware of how deep our insanity goes.  Here in the Homeland, breasts are reserved for the sexual pleasure of men, while any child over the age of say 6 days old…is required to obtain a breast-feeding permit from Homeland Security.

This then ensures that no man – has been displaced from his needs.

For proof that our collective insanity is as real as I say, try reading some George Will…and then see how many military bases China has built in Yemen.

Breastarchy is real – and it’ll poke your eyes out.

I think it was Geraldo Rivera who ‘might have’ once said: breast-feeding a child past the age of 6 days old, in public…is like wearing a hoodie at the New York Yacht Club.

Of course, soon after Geraldo told us of this new breast-feeding jihad, he also shared with us that he had been manually raped by a TSA Agent

And “people” think I’m scary.

JPMorgan Chase losing $17.5 billion dollars this week, might very well go the way of our trillion-dollar wars for Lockheed Martin, the bailouts and the so secret how much it costs to read your email wars…that if you knew, you’d still fear breast-feeding more…

Breastarchy is real – and it’ll poke your eyes out.

Did I mention George Will wrote a compelling article about cars?

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