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May 8, 2012

Cows in most sectors of the Homeland – tend to just do what they’re supposed do.  Graze – shit – graze again – watch The Voice
more than twice… and moo.

If God had wanted us to make something of ourselves…he wouldn’t have created cancer couches.

Yawwn.  Moo.

If the Devil had wanted us to get off our cancer filled couches and do something evil – he wouldn’t have made Christina Aguilera the protector of all things offensive to women and little girls.

Which is why Hillary and Madeleine Albright so love killing women and little girls…we’re damned on our couches – and we’re damned off of them too.  The Devil sure is a crafty bastard.


But why cows and not sheeple Lens dude?”  Why the hell not…
Some dare to be different when describing We the Patriot Acted.


In other related cow-like news…the Seattle Police Department has subpoenaed all known video of the May Day riots – that did occur upon some of Seattle’s windows.  Thank God the fake riot was on May Day, and not you know, like May 3rd or something.


I suppose Seattle PD’s hunt for all known jar tossers and window smashers who wore black – is better than the Border Patrol’s hunt for the terrorist Pashto speaking interlopers of Forks, Washington – who when caught – always only seem to speak Spanish.

Telling…but I’m not in charge of spending kamillions of dollars on useless federal outposts.  For more on what happens near expensive while useless federal outposts – ask the Lakotah.
For less – watch The Voice.


Why cant the Seattle PD expand it’s hunt for law breakers?  Donald Rumsfeld sailed to Alaska from Seattle!…just last year!  Yet – no  subpoenaing did in fact occur.  Why cant the Seattle PD look into the Spokane PD?  And why won’t the Spokane PD look into Seattle?  Crimes have been committed – jurisdictions and
city limits be damned!

There’s police brutality here, there’s police brutality there…the CIA just thwarted the FBI’s underwear!

Moo?  Yes, yes – moo.

There are war crimes on the Teabangers watch, and there are war crimes while the Democrats sit back and watch.  Fukushima is as done and over as, say…the Seattle Police Department says it is?

If Tuesday is in fact the day after Monday…then tomorrow should bring us the ridiculous spelling of Wednesday – which is of course the harbinger of Thursday, that always leads to Friday and it’s definition of when to use deadly force.

Chewing, farting – farting while chewing

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