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Censored by Revisionism

May 8, 2012

Most glorious department of snuffing out independent thought and four to seven letter words…has not yet approved this post.  Perhaps you’d rather read about Kelly Bensimon and her censored chest region parts at the Huffington Post?

When three NSA whistleblowers tell you that the impeachment of Clinton’s penis – was just a test to see how well the high fructose corn syrup was working…do you then want to either:

  • kill a brown-skinned child who lives near oil
  • kill a brown-skinned child who reads well
  • go to a Ted Nugent concert
  • buy a Dodge that Eminem sold you
  • believe that Mitt’s underwear are not a CIA trap

We didn’t need 9/11 to make a better dystopian Homeland.  All it took for us to roll over was Clinton’s penis, some fake sugar, and the death of the X-Files Smoking Man in May of 2002.

Damn we’re easy.

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