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Wisdom Perceived

May 3, 2012

In every group of gathered humans – there are always one or two individuals that stand out.  Their perceived wisdom sets them apart.

Wisdom stands out amongst the thousands of faces
as long as you’re looking for it

If you’re in the business of storytelling in Seattle, you’re either Sherman Alexie, or you’re a journalist.  Sherman gets paid to tell a pretty good story…while the journalists get paid to do the same.

During Seattle’s May Day protests, marches and rallies, if you were a journalist, you more than likely were following those kids dressed in black – who you knew thought might break some windows or use some poopy fucking language.

That’s waiting for the story to occur, before it does, because you knew that it would. That’s good storytelling…and that’s journalism.

If the journalists had written their stories about broken windows on April 30th, none of us would be the wiser.  It’s much easier to write about a story the day before said story actually occurs, and besides, sometimes a guy will even lick a blue tree for ya, and you’ve got to be ready for that.

Perceived wisdom…looking for some journalism.

Like most other days, months and years in Seattle, the gathered journalists, photographers and their lazier counterparts known simply as Joel Connelly…did wait for the story that they knew would occur, to simply write itself.  Which leads us to the obvious conclusion – that if the “window breakers” wore bright yellow clothes…would the story that the gathered journalists knew would occur, even before it actually occurred – have actually been a story that occurred?

Searching for wisdom…in a sea of journalism perceived.

For proof that some windows do in fact break, when they are in fact not yet broken!, do read more about windows and how they can break…right here.  It’s no Pulitzer winner, but it is a lot like Joel Connelly…who as luck would have it, wrote about the Anarchist’s and their penchant for breaking windows!  Too?!

No pretend left turns

For more storytelling on how windows do break, read
Joel’s missive here

For news on how many of your tax dollars it takes to fight the never-ending Bush wars for Boeing, by a Nobel Peace Prize winner
– don’t read Joel.

For word on why the Seattle PD and the FBI will spare no expense in the hunt for a window breaker…but not waste a second looking for Patty Murray’s stance on the never-ending Bush wars for Boeing, by a Nobel Peace Prize winner – do read about John Yoo and his freedom right over here.

For more on why the broken windows of Anarchy!, are I guess, like Anarchy, check out the “incredible story” about the windowless White House Situation Room and its fantastical properties of secretive tomfoolery!  If Brian Williams had said any more about it…Al Roker would have had to kill us.

Searching the sea of wisdom perceived…journalism has a story to tell.

Ahh the wisdom of perceived journalism.  It’s smart, like reading Joel while watching New Girl…when we should clearly just be watching Raising Hope.

Wisdom stands out amongst the thousands of faces
as long as you’re looking for it
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