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Red White and Blue bloc

May 2, 2012

Sometimes I like to imagine what the daydreams of Noam Chomsky must be like.  Can Noam reach Howard Zinn in that other dimension…where they discuss whether or not Lou Dobbs could be any more retarded?

Oh to be a neurotransmitter in that discussion.

No doubt, many of us in the Blaine Sector of the Glorious Homeland, have read the news of shattered windows in Seattle.  On the radio, teevee and the intertubes…pundits did wax politically, even though they’re not pundits, and they’re certainly not qualified to wax anything more than Ciscoe’s upper thighs.

Like the breathless reportage of Seattle’s broken windows by the kids in black…journalism in Seattle, is a bit like gardening with Ciscoe’s upper thighs.  No self-respecting journalist wants to admit that they’ve been near Ciscoe’s upper thighs, yet we still get to hear from them anyway.

It was mayhem!  Stinky mayhem!  As the horse cops shit all over downtown Seattle!  Yet women and children somehow still marched – peacefully!  Then?  It rained!

So far today, none of the Ciscoe hair trimmers have mentioned how much the BushBama wars have cost you.

In fact, no Ciscoe thigh tweezer will ever mention how Boeing is to Wall Street, as Lockheed Martin is to Bank of America, as Apple is to Guantanamo.  

But they broke windows at Niketown! And the Mayors house too!  It’s true.  Vandalism sucks.  Though the illegal wars, torture, Hanford and war profiteering sucks more.

A black bloc is the least of our worries
it’s the red, white and blue bloc of Northrop Grumman
that should bother us.

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