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May Day Seattle

May 1, 2012

May Day Seattle – it was May, we were in Seattle…and still Obama’s Bush wars on all of us relentlessly drones on.

Like most events of this nature in Seattle, I see the same photographers jockeying for the same shots, which in the end – look very much like the shots they took last year.  I am exempting myself from this criticism, as it’s late, and the beer was good.

If a photog were looking to see a window get broken, a jar flung at a cop, and the alleged jar flinger then get tackled and arrested…remembering why God made black clothing – takes the guess-work out of it.  See the Seattle PI’s Joshua Trujillo and his photos for more.

A few broken windows here, a successful immigration march and rally there…with an Occupy Spokane t-shirt tossed in to remind us – that the Border Patrol is being used for “translation” in Spokane too.

More mañana?  Si se puede!

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