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The First Day of May

May 1, 2012

It’s that day again.  The day where we ignore the crimes of the few – so that the FBI has something to do.

For every self-made FBI plot that the FBI was smart enough to thwart…a dozen Karl Roves go free.  For every window breaking anarchist that gets swept up…one hundred and forty-three Jamie Dimon’s will vacation on a warm beach – nowhere near you.

The first day of May sure is scary.

Immigrants and union members will march today – but we will not remember the never-ending drone wars on Yemen.  We’re not at war with Yemen…but that matters not.

Remember, remember the first of May!  Or not.

Norm Dicks’ Taliban, Iran and the salal pickers of Forks, Washington seem to be on an even keel…if you ask the Border Patrol.   Ask an agent in Port Angeles about the dangers of Hanford, Bechtel or a frozen hamburger patty – sitting harmlessly in your Safeway freezer section…and you’ll see their minds race with misplaced intelligence.

The first day of May…scary!

In Seattle, May Day will happen.  Traffic will be fucked from here to North Bend, violent interlopers may attack!, a baby will get her eyes burned out with bleach, Hanford will still be more dangerous to Washington’s grapes than we know, the Bush-era torture is now Obama-era torture…yet Dan Savage is the frightening one?

May Day – Sure it’s the first day of May.
And tomorrow – if all goes as planned…
Law Enforcement overtime will be grand
the Mariners will lose
writers will write
and May second will occur.

The horror.

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