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Drones Are as Drones Our

April 27, 2012

Obviously, I’m not even close to the human who should be pointing out grammerin’ mistakes to any other human…this is why I choose to point out the differences between being screwed by the Democratic Party, versus being screwn by the Teabanging Party.

Here’s a hint – it doesn’t matter.

The just droned to death mother and child in Vietghanistan, Pakistan or Yemen – had no way of knowing who it was that piloted “their drone”.

Be it Ted Nugent – or be it George Clooney…It didn’t matter.  There is no difference.

The question sometime arises as to why the Discovery Chanel has not adequately addressed global climate change, or even the global wars for Obama’s Change?   The answer is?  Sarah Palin’s Alaska and why hasn’t noticed that a liberal president is currently killing the planet.

You see, if you don’t ask the right questions, all you get are wrong, and somewhat confusing answers from Eric Holder.

See Mr. Fish for more.

Take the Secret Service and some of their penises for example.  Should we care where these God-fearing men put their penises?  Maybe.  Does all of this penis attention from the media distract from bigger problems, like Obama’s never-ending Bush wars, Wall Street, or the continuing freedom of our felonious politicians and their corporate backers?  Why yes it does!

SHHhhhhh.  Just eat a burger…and don’t worry yourself about things that we aren’t capable of digesting.

The differences between President Bush’s earth ending policies of illegality, and those of President Obama’s…are that there really aren’t any.  Why the liberals aren’t protesting all of the sameness, is exactly the same reason the conservatives aren’t rejoicing over the continuation of said sameness.

See the Border Patrol in Forks, Washington for more.  For even less, try asking them translate the words – racial profiling from Spanish…
to Pashto.

Drones are – as drones our.
Vive la différence!

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  1. Karma Tenzing Wangchuk permalink
    April 30, 2012 14:09

    Drones officially over our state now, Lens. Thanks for your vigilance.


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