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Biden’s Collective Something or Other

April 26, 2012

It’s hard to believe anything Rush Limbaugh says…especially when Joe Biden says things that smell like they just fell out of Limbaugh’s ass.  This Biden guy says that we Homelandian’s have an awesome collective amnesia – and that we cannot afford to go back to the future.  And stuff.

Like many of we the Patriot Acted, I’m not exactly sure who this Joe Biden character is, but I’m certain that Mitt Romney knows a thing or twelve about our “collective amnesia”.

Do you remember that time when President Bush becamethe President’ – that let us “legally” torture POW’s to death?  How about that time when President Obama became the President – to direct the DOJ to ignore the federal law about fake wars and torture that are already on the books?

Yeah, me either.  But I do remember the Alamo and who won every season of the Bachelor!

Actually it’s Joe Biden (whoever the hell he is) who is counting on our “collective amnesia”.  Listen to any words that escape from Leon Panetta’s mouth area for more.  Or for less – try using your iPad in Yemen…to read Sherman Alexie’s thoughts about the various wacky situations some award-winning wordsmiths find themselves
stepping in.

If you find yourself in Yemen reading Sherman’s words about dog shit, do keep a Vigilant eye on the skies.  I hear that the Obama girls are taking turns at the drone joysticks of freedom…for this is what liberal Democrats “doo”.

Yup.  Our collective amnesia.  I’m reminded of how Rep. Norm Dicks tried to protect Puget Sound’s air, water and critters from death and pollution.  If only Boeing, the Afghan Mujahideen and the various defense contractors of this sector, were actually Puget Sound’s air, water and critters…oh how rich, powerful and clean they would be!

I think it only goes to show that our collective amnesia is as real…as eating a steady diet of bottom dwelling fishes from the Duwamish River.

Now extrapolate and hold on to your guns.
That Clinton took away.
Or something.

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