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Peaceus Interruptus

April 24, 2012

We pause from our regularly scheduled protest against the Bush crimes, wars and raping of the Constitution…because a Democrat still has over four years to go.

Drug addicts, marijuana smokers and those who accept government assistance for food, education and Spanish speaking-like healthscare…are the enemies…while the “Lehman Brothers” are free to walk amongst us.

Sure 60 minutes is trying to tell you something.  It’s what they’re not telling you that counts.

Teabaggers are incensed that a black man has shown himself to be far and away the better Bush…while warns you that Romney will cut spending on the poor.

Que surpresa!

It’s like we’re eating brain poisoning food or something.
Drinking the Tonkin flavored Kool-Aid?
Not bombing North Korea with Applebee’s, Starbucks or Pizza Huts?

Peace has been interrupted by a war mongering, Nobel Peace Prize winning party member.  Give us until about January of 2017, when a Republican takes over – then watch for the Olympia, Washington Co-Op to pounce!  Organically and with marching permits in hand of course.

Peaceus Interruptus.
Slap on another bumper-sticker of change
then just pull out, sit back and wait.

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