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Bullshit Reigns

April 23, 2012

On this the day after Earth Day…the bullshit does reign.  There is a Today Show!-like upside to this reign storm of bull excrement – in that at least we don’t remember, Fukushima’s-easterly flowing rain.

In the Homeland, many of our Monsanto fed children must pledge their allegiance to the flag, God and empire.  For without Monsanto’s foodstuffs…empire and Gods seem so Easter Bunnyesque.  And therein you have the rub.  No Monsanto foodstuffs – no blind allegiances pledged.  No blind allegiances – no empire, no Gods, no Al Roker.

Sadly, the Homeland has never been about freedom, it’s always been misspelled, misguided and co-opted by prophets.  For more, see Monsanto, the two-party system and the failure of our schools, cults and the justice system.

Bullshit reigns.

Vietghanistan.  It’s like Vietnam, in that none of it is true.  But there is a difference in the amount of profit made, by those who prophet.

That’s different phreedum
bullshit reigns.

Do you remember that time Al Roker had to take a back seat to Sarah Palin’s retarded ability to peddle bullshit?  That’s phreedum, and that’s stenography.

Bullshit reigns.

We’re as free as the progressive anti-war movement was during the Bush wars.  We’re as free as the progressive anti-same wars movement is now – during the Obama and more wars.

That’s phreedum.
Bullshit reigns.

When it became clear that Bush’s Verizon was spying on your grandmothers porn viewing habits for the NSA…we watched more Survivior, which led to Lost…which still leads to Al Roker.  It’s too late for change now.  So please ignore the noise that you hear – it’s just Frank Church spinning in the Boise dirt…that Boise dirt from back when Idaho was semi-sane.

That’s phreedum.
Bullshit reigns.

If the glorious waters of the Homeland are too polluted to drink, common sense then tells us…that eating fish from the polluted waters is better than dying a Communist.  See Monsanto for more.  Or for even less – see our not so stringent water quality standards…which poisons the fish…which then poisons the “fish eaters”…which then at some point, attracts the attention of James Anaya, the UN special rapporteur on indigenous peoples…

Better never than late – no?

Always forget and never remember, that we ‘d know these things if the media wasn’t owned by the Anthrax Attackers. Or perhaps we’d know these things if we ate less Monsanto flavored fish?

Phreedom is misspelled for a reason…
bullshit reigns.
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