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One Earth One Manifesto

April 22, 2012

For this years Earth Day, I thought I’d walk past a gas station in my hemp shorts while eating a Slim Jim and whistling a catchy, while bigoted…Hank Williams Jr. song.  I figure God either has a sense of humor, or she’s a lot like Pat Robertson.  In either case, I think I’ve sufficiently covered all of the prerequisite Earth Day like bases…and heaven will in fact wait for me.

Sure I’ve planted trees and picked up trash for Earth Days past, hell, I’ve even bought the world a Coke…while humming a Pete Seeger Communist Manifesto song!

I’ve picked up the same beer cans every year.
I’ve helped the same children plant the same flowers
the same trees and the same hope.

Like the Earth Days of Vietnam – we could have won.
Like the Earth Days of BushBama – we could have won.
Like the Earth Days to come – we should have won.

One Earth. One life.
Where have all the flowers gone?
We’ll never learn another
Communist Manifesto song.

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