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The Evildoers are Close at Hand

April 20, 2012

Who needs Glenn Beck when we’ve got Bank of America?  Why ask about the safety of your Walmart seafood, when England has banned Corexit?

Can you impress family, friends and co-conspirators as you rattle off the last twelve years worth of Ichiro’s statistics?  Do the words Certificates of Authorizations, Mitchell, Jessen, or a $8.33 billion nuke power loan guarantee package – cause any uncomfortable stirrings anywhere near your neurocranium region?

As Glenn Beck might say…since Ichiro came into the league in 2001, I find the timing – curious...

Killer whales are being killed by our excrement, green lawns and the clean fresh air that hovers about the Puget Sound region. Apparently, the whales are like conservative Democrats…who just wont see the never-ending Bush wars for the Obama ones.

A good man once said: “I saw bums in your alleys and people begging for your food. … Don’t give me no goddamned award. Give those people some food.”  A stupid man once said that he knew that human beings and fish can co-exist peacefully.  A Nobel Peace Prize winner once killed so many brown-skinned humans…that knowing Ichiro’s stats better than Ichiro himself – seemed like a good way to not have to worry about much of anything.

At this juncture of the Homeland’s existence, we might as well find ourselves a woman who’s on a mission from God.  This woman would promise to deliver us from the Marxisty Kenyan (black), and plop us down the rabbit hole into dead Reagan’s diaper of trickle down Constitutionalism.

Jesus H Tap Dancing Christ!…I’m no marine biologist, but I think the killer whales might be trying to tell us something.

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