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Homeland Spring Beer Pong

March 15, 2012

It will come as no surprise to Kevin Drum that Josh Foust is in on it.

Stenographers come and stenographers come again, but none of them ever go to Iraq, Vietghanistan or Yemen.

If Josh Foust had a dollar for every time his handlers let him holla…then Rush Limbaugh’s misogynist act for the shallow end of the gene pool, would not be outed for what it is — the yin to ‘FoustDrum’s‘ yang.

Some call it Wall Street math, I call it Message Force Multiplying.

Message Force Multiplying during the Bush, was accomplished by old white men with stars on their shoulders.  Multiplying the message by force during the Obama, is now accomplished by younger white men with receding hairlines and tattoo’s of pretend manly things on their ankles.  See their hairlines, ankles and denial of federal involvement in all things Occupy for more.

There will be no Homeland Spring.  But there will be many a Homeland Spring Break Beer Pong, at many a warm beach in many a condom fearing state.  See their thongs, tattoos and Josh Foust for more.

Message Force Multipliers.  They come with our beer, they come with our news, but try to give a girl a chance at not getting impregnated by one?  Yeah.  Not so much.  See  Arizona, or about half of the Homeland sectors for more.

Message Force Multipliers are everywhere
John Yoo does scold Eric Holder
war criminals alike.

One soldier does not massacre 16 sleeping people…alone, by himself, without higher knowledge.

One President does not massacre nations, the constitution or our freedom by himself…without lower knowledge.  It takes a village of Patriot Acted beer drinkers, constantly arguing about occupation, war crimes and where Peyton Manning should go next.

Not arguing about where Bradley Manning should go next, is what the media stenographers are for.  See Limbaugh’s Foust, Drum or Holland for more.

There will be no Homeland Spring, until Russia decides to help us in defeating Rep. Norm Dicks’ al TalibiQaedaban.  More than likely, the irony will be lost upon…the masses and their Homeland Beer Pong.

Knowing the implications and implicating the knowing
is not something we’re good at.

Raising another generation of sex craved self-esteem-less
requires the uterus to be the enemy
while the stenographer be thine seether.

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