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Threat Level Wyden

March 16, 2012

Senator Ron Wyden has a story to tell you.  Unfortunately, if he told you his story, he’d have to ask Liz Cheney to kill you.

Out of over 300 hundred and some really odd millions of Patriot Acted people, only about 6,438 of us have ever read AlterNet, Ron.  The rest of us have no idea what you’re trying to tell us – by not telling us.

Perhaps if Ron’s story were about the outcome of the Super Bowl…and its predetermined fate by the drug beer pushers, bailed out car manufacturers and banks…then Ron, then just maybe, some of us would leave an angry comment about birth control on a Yahoo Sports page.

To many of the Patriot Acted, not one bit of the last 12 years could be characterized as a new governmental phenomenon.  In fact, genocide, rape, murder, hunger, shitty schools and no health care – are just part of what helps us get out of bed in the morning.  Toss in some cheap beer, pot and a Slim Jim…and most of us could really give a shit about how illegal the NSA’s illegal activity is, you know, illegal.

And that my friends, is what Michael Hayden used to say.

Either step up Ron and spill your guts, or just do what Rep. Norm Dicks has been doing for almost 129 years – create many a profitable war for Boeing, and then blame the Teabaggers for your actions.

In a Homeland where our kids are dying from the food we give them…even before they get shot at school, or picked up by the cops for being not white…I hardly think that the NDAA’s, or the Patriot Acts are ever mentioned in any conversation, at any breakfast table, at any ICE Prison near you.

Besides Ron, aren’t there a bunch of wars going on out there – somewhere just beyond N.E. Killingsworth and 15th? Perhaps you could look into them?

None of this shit is new.  There’s just a less experienced, lighter shade of Patriot Acted people…now learning about being kept down.

This is why Rick Santorum is vowing to wage yet another war on…porn, and not the NSA.

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