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The Liberal Snooki Press

March 12, 2012

From now on, members of the press and the public will have to take everything Snooki says with a meatball-sized grain of salt.” – Naughty But Nice Rob, Huffington Post/

If only the liberal elitists of the Snooki Press had gotten their meatball-sized grain of salt on, back in 2001…President Obama would now be held in check.

If only the constitutional elitists at FOX, CNN or the Today Show! had gotten their meatball-sized grain of salty skepticism on, back in 2001…the babbling idiot Bush would have been impeached by the not so complicit K-Street Congress.

John Conyers is rumored to still be mulling things over.  Still.

Damn. It sure is difficult to keep an eye on the war mongering liberals, when the Teabagging élite are foaming at the mouth and rattling the African Uterus alarm!

And therein lies the homoerotic back rub.  See Snooki or Geroge Nethercutt for more.

I remember watching Martin Sheen latch on to Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, Texas, because Bush’s never-ending wars and torture on the world, the fishes and the rest of us…sure made him angry.  Now that we’ve witnessed Martin’s love of Obama’s never-ending wars on the world, the fishes and the rest of us…I’m left somewhat skeptical of his stance on pretty much fucking anything.  Aaannnd that’s what Charlie said.

With parenting skills like Martin Sheen’s, we should not ponder for too long, as to why our troops are murdering women and children in the Soviet fashion of not so long ago.  You can blame Bush, but in keeping with the awesome examples of the Martin Sheen and the Snooki press, we should probably just blame Ralph Nader, and move on.  Dot org.

Like Barbara Bush’s beautiful mind…we don’t really want to bother our minds with relevancy either.

Well played members of the Snooki press and public.  Well played.

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