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Simon Cowell and Liz Cheney are Right

February 2, 2012

Progressive wars are fought by the children of the Teabanging élite.  Conservative chickenhawk wars are fought by the children of the Liberal élite.  The wars against common sense are waged against us, because sugar is as good for you, as torture gets to the truth.

We can’t blame the corn for its syrup, any more than we blame Michael Hayden for Bank of America’s ponzi scheme.

If keeping with a meme is the strong suit of We the Patriot Acted…I’d hate to read the book.

Sherman Alexie has written a few books about us.  Some of his books were too much about us, so some of them have been banned.  Some might argue that book banning can be directly traced to sugar…while I’ll argue that sugar profit can be directly traced to a Creationist Education, passed off as math.

Sure books are scary!  Some of them even have words!  Which is why you can access the porn on the internet – at many a frightening Homeland book storage area.

Which brings us to the sadness of library porn.

Library porn, is the porn viewed at public libraries by those who are in serious need of mental health care.  Mental health care, is that thing that we don’t want to pay for, because we’d rather give trillions of our tax dollars to Lockheed Martin and Boeing…so that they can find new ways to blow brown-skinned children up.

Library porn, when accidentally viewed by a 10-year-old girl…is something most of us wish didn’t have to occur.  However, if our children were taught less creationist math, I’m certain that accidentally seeing a penis and a vagina on a library computer screen…would be far less traumatic than the banning of books.

Instead of banning books, or hiding what it is that a penis and vagina sometimes do with each other…perhaps our children should be shown what Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Rep. Norm Dicks’ profits – do to the children in Yemen, Vietghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan…

It’s a double-edged sword.  If we were to be well-informed, educated, and health care were handed out like Budweiser at the Super Bowl…I guess I’d be endlessly blogging about cute puppy farts and rabbit turds instead.

The photos of the cute puppy farts alone would probably get me 24 million hits a day, but you know how things work…Billy Ray Cyrus didn’t raise his baby girl to operate Jesus’s moral compass for free.

It’s not a bad idea to keep the mentally deficient from watching the library porn…but if seeing a penis or a vagina can devastate an entire society, well then, I’m afraid that Simon Cowell and Liz
Cheney are right.

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