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I Can Neither Confirm nor Deny the Shallow End of the Gene Pool

January 9, 2012

Chickenhawks come in all political shapes, sizes and parties.  It’s not the size of the phallic bluster that matters…it’s which corporation said chickenhawk desires to be impaled by that counts.

An ugly mental image to be sure, but this is why we have big media…so that war criminals like Bush – can remain as free as war criminals like Obama.

I suppose this is also why Portlandia wasn’t called
Killingsworth and NE 60th

For some of the very same reasons, we will hear Leon Panetta on one day – admit that Iran isn’t building a nuclear weapon, and then on the next – Rick Perry threaten to re-invade Iraq.

We could just blame the shallow end of Rick Perry’s gene pool, but I think blaming Portlandia for Killingsworth – makes more sense.

In addition to never hearing cool things about NE Portland, we will also-‘almost‘ never hear about, boatloads of nuclear weapons just about colliding with merchant ships.

Why come?  Because said boatloads of WMD’s sail by much too closely…to the Border Patrol’s ‘Spanish-speaking human hunting grounds’, in Forks Washington.

Why for wha?  Because as we all know, only teenage Mormon vampires should live in Forks, Washington.  That’s why.  Besides, if we let our billions of tax dollars go to things like roads, schools and health-scare instead of saaayyy, Homeland Security — then the Iranian’s, or the al-TaliQaedaban, and or the North Korean’s will surely just sit there where they live…until the CIA builds some bombs for them.

Ad nauseam and repeat.

As if by osmosis, Kyung M. Song of the Seattle Times is reporting that among other crap…the Homeland has approximately 1800 nuclear warheads deployed.   ‘But‘, all that is needed to destroy every major city in Russia and China…are on board the fleet of poorly driven subs…which can barely dodge the Walmart laden merchant ships just north of Port Angeles.

Either the shallow end of the gene pool is getting deeper –
or the reasons for everything have nothing to do with anything.
Or dogs, the back side of mirrors…and or hats on beds.

At least I’m pretty sure that might be what Bob Hughes said.

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