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Hassan SabbahNader!

December 15, 2011

When a problem used to come along, we would whip it.  Now we pretend one party is evil, while the other party is just gosh darned unable to overcome the other evil party!  Such a pretend problem!

Welcome to the land of the Patriot Acted —  where endless war pays for itself by stripping us of our rights, while Elisabeth Hasselbeck burns.  Or something like that.

As the confused liberal Democrats try to wrap their Prius bumper stickers of Change around what the is – is…in Indefinite Detention of American Terrorist Types (NDAA), they can’t say that Bradley Manning didn’t try to warn them.

Guantanamo tried to warn them too, but the multiple extensions of the Patriot Act and where Simon Cowell wants to stick his penis…keeps getting in their way.

And Patriot Acted people keep wondering why I drink with Teabaggers.  At least you know going into it, that they’re racist idiots who hate their own gay tendencies — because protecting coach Sandusky’s freedom to do what he does, to whom he does it to, is in the Constitution.  Right next to our right to ignore municipal sewage treatment plants.  Or so they tell me.

The new and improved Patriot Act/Forever Imprison Suspected American Truth Tellers Act, is not being pushed by President Bush.  It’s Malia’s father who is doing that.

No amount of Prius bumper stickers of Change will ever change that.  Although…a trillion dollar grift to Insitu just might.

Eleven years of conservative ideology has brought us eleven years of record Wall and Pentagon Street profit.  How the two-party followers can’t see the 7 trillion dollar grifts, for Simon Cowells penis…is all on Barbara Walters shoulders.

I’d like to say I’d pay to see that…but I think I already have.

Remember patriots, if it weren’t for Ralph Nader’s having been semiconscious,  Al Gore’s lockbox would have kept the Supreme Court and their hanging chad’s on K Street…where they belong.

Today’s Vigilant Lens tip of the day?  Ehren Watada beat the Army’s illegal war and so can Bradley Manning.
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