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Threat Level Wapiti Wookie

December 14, 2011

Nike is a global corporation that hates the Homeland’s middle class, freedom and healthcare.  This is why the CIA coordinates with your local police department, the Department of Homeland Security and Boeing…because camping while protesting does not build jets, but it will pay for the PERF.

Your local police department also relies upon Fusion Centers to supply them with information on tents, used book libraries and which MS media outlets will ignore the wall…that is covered in writing.

Nike imports the shoes, Obama drones the evildoers and you get to piss in a cup for your government cheese.

It’s like a pattern or something – that the ILWU doesn’t really care that you get.

A progressive big blog Twitter won’t stop the flow, while a Breitbart exclusive is only an exclusive – because he made the shit up.

We should be vigilant.  Signs of idiocy abounds.  Guantanamo is open for business and the elk are ruining upscale golf for the few.

We must be more vigilant.  Wapiti are known to be violent ungulates…born with a built-in Islamic hatred for golf.

If the Wapiti can attack our golf courses, then the Wookie can certainly cross the border at Port Angeles.

Wapiti hate us for our golf – Wookie hate us for our freedom to be constantly misinformed.

If Time Magazine were to ever nominate “the Protester” as Person of the Year…you’d then know that it’s time to just watch Portlandia, piss in the cup and perhaps get another tattoo.

Existence relies on dependence – dependence preys on our existence.

Threat level Wapati Wookie!
Stupid on the surface
relative near the bottom.

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