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DOJ Flows Down

December 16, 2011

The DOJ having ignored war crimes, slavery, torture and Karl Rove-like elections for the last 140 years or so, is all a bit like water under the bridge.  Said water is rife with turds, Monsanto runoff and pharmaceutical laden urine — but this is why we build bridges…that we can no longer maintain.

Shit and Reagan’s economic terrorism both flow downhill…which is the same direction the Homeland, Canada, Mexico and many a metro-area police department have gone.

Enter the Seattle Times and their editors at the Seattle Police Department. Evidently, the DOJ can only ignore government sponsored genocide for so long…before they act.

In a recent article at the Seattle Times, we can read that according to the editors at the Seattle PD,  “the level of open violence toward officers at Monday’s Occupy the Port protest hasn’t been seen since the World Trade Organization was here in 1999.”  Go here to read even more.

In an even more recent Seattle Times article, we find that the editors at the Seattle PD must have dozed off.  For today, we can read the words from the DOJ about the Seattle PD and it’s level of violence towards humans,  “A federal civil-rights investigation into the Seattle Police Department has found routine and widespread use of excessive force by officers…”  Go here to read even more.

Violent cops reporting on violent activists.  Journalism like this reminds me of the reason we invaded and ruined Iraq.

It was because of the WMD’s in Spokane.

Shit, like our morals, both flow in similar directions.

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