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Cy Curnin Was Correct

December 13, 2011

Back in 1983 Ronald Reagan was really busy forgetting his name, while simultaneously laying the groundwork for the criminals that would follow him.  Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Mrs. Clinton, Bill and then the Better Bush, would only not disappoint K Street, they’d prove Cy Curnin correct.

For example, if we were to use Joshua Holland’s blind journalistic patriotism to the official Homeland/PBS narrative…we’d find that Homeland Security does not coördinate – they retaliate.  And in some instances, they even catch a few Teahadist-cattle rustlers in North Dakota!

Drones and Teahadist cattle rustlers don’t speak Spanish, Pashto or Farsi – nor do they fly over the genocide zone of Pine Ridge.

Pine Ridge – Iraq – VietAfPakistan – Fusion Centers – Mexico – Marijuana – Blackwater/Xe/Academi…and Patriot Acts?  Over-funding the Pentagon and the super stupid secret security state (SSSSS), leads to endless wars against them, us and then the defunding of education.

Funny how one thing keeps leading to another.

Which reminds me, the sky’s are looking a bit red these nights…though we’ve got no Zero to save us.

Obviously we’ve regressed to 1983 levels of pre-Homeland stupidity.  As an added bonus – Fear Factor is back!

Cy Curnin? You were correct.  That is unless the Fixx’s songs were all about the Fulham Football Club or Dungeons and Dragons.  If that’s the case, well then…umm, well played sir!

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