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Death Panels for Birds Blow

December 12, 2011

Kenyan Death Panel

In these trying times that are the BushBama Depression – the winds of change might very well be able to generate electricity, but since many of us believe that the winds of change were conceived in Africa, fearing Chaz Bono’s Cha-Cha…is probably the best course of action for us
to take.

Now, I could give a dead Reagan’s left testicle as to what Chaz does with his Cha-Cha, but the Homeland’s Tehadist’s work in the Oil, Coal, Nuclear, Hydro Power and your Local PD industries of the planet.  So obviously, they are required to have quite the unhealthy obsession with Chaz’s Cha Cha, bird death and the electrified winds of change.

For proof of what I say is true, God has conveniently created the comments section on almost every article that the Spokesman Review drones out. Go here, read about wind, electricity and controversy.  Then go to God’s comment section, which is located waaayyy down below the article, in a really hot southerly direction.  If you know what I’m sayin’ – if ya know what I mean.

As you can read for yourself, birds are being murdered, and in the end, wind might just cost us more than oil, coal and the new football coach at WSU combined!

God’s comment section sure does work in mysterious ways.

Now I know the Teahadist’s mean well.  They only want what’s fair for the billionaire, a tiny government without stop lights, no waste water treatment plants and fewer black people for all of us — all of which is supposed to somehow trickle down from dead Reagan’s left testicle.

I don’t think that makes any sense…but neither do the MoveOn.orgbangers who still haven’t quite grasped which party it is, that keeps passing Patriot and National Defense Appropriation Acts.

Newt’s Gingrich and his Palestinian hating followers believe that children should work for the Homeland.

As if right on cue…Michele Bachmann says that she’s been a private business woman since she was five-years-old.

President Obama is now said to be gaining support from…Democrats.

Since the winds of change actually originate from the Bohemian Grove in California — I’m left with that sinking feeling one might get – once the realization sets in, that the only two choices we have for a Homeland babysitter are…Jerry Sandusky or Charlie Sheen.

Choosing a winner from the life’s losers…is all that we are able to do.
I think I know who we’d probably choose – though the thought does linger – what the hell went wrong with our definition of winning?

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