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Like Rodents for Chocolate

December 10, 2011

Caged laboratory rats are showing more empathy-driven behavior towards one another — than many of We the 300 million Patriot Acted.

In a study of caged laboratory rats, “researchers” found that when they offered chocolate to a free rat, that “free rat” skipped the treat – and chose to try to free its imprisoned friend instead…

This kind of “emotional contagion” had been observed previously in rats — but what happened next was more unexpected. As described by Science Daily, “After several daily restraint sessions, the free rat learned how to open the restrainer door and free its cagemate. Though slow to act at first, once the rat discovered the ability to free its companion, it would take action almost immediately upon placement in the test arena.” – Overpaid rat torturer.

Freedom over chocolate.  Go here, read more about the intelligently superior rat…and do try to steer clear of those unfortunate “emotional contagions” that might, you know, encourage us to be more like empathetic caged rats.

At this stage of today’s post, an inappropriate segue would certainly be a nice change from the norm…31E MOS.

31E MOS.  That there’s fancy Army speak for who will detain the civilians, once the detention camps for ‘Caged Homelandians Who’re Capable of Ignoring the offered Chocolate Treats’…open up.  These camps are essentially just like Bush’s FEMA Camps for Liberals, but with a much longer abbreviation.

31E MOS is not only today’s segue, but it’s also not even remotely close to a different topic.

See the Patriot Acted.  See the Patriot Acted eat chocolate.  Mmm, good chocolate.

If the psyco-psychiatrists and their medical professional friends will torture humans for profit, why should Erik Prince be held to higher standard?

When Russian’s are able to protest their sham elections – with nary a DHS coördinated local PD attack…why do we then blame Ralph Nader for Naomi Klein Wolf’s…Hanging Chad?

Don’t ask why – just eat the chocolate.

Sports are fun and sports are important.  Cities will steal from the poor – to give the rich a basketball team – schools, Christmas gifts and angry youth without futures?  Sorry.  Fuck you – but why not take out a high interest loan for a new Sonics t-shirt?

Insects Think We're Funny

We could blame the tasty chocolate, but we should just blame Wenatchee, Washington.  Blame Wenatchee for their defaulted arena.  Blame Wenatchee for being just like Seattle – for the Mariners needed a stadium – your teeth really don’t need fillings – there’s an invisible Kingdome with a bunch of debt?

  Mmm chocolate.

After We the Patriot Acted have gone extinct, the insects will be back in charge of freedom’s democracy.

The insects don’t care about religion and they don’t care about Christmas.  I suppose they’re a bit like a co-op, minus the fees and the humans who wear scratchy wool underwear.  As an added bonus, the parking lot will be free of Prius’ and Subaru’s…and besides, most insects could give a shit about your Change bumper stickers, or who you voted for.

If the insects of today could somehow speak to us about our own future demise…they might just say that Wenatchee resembled Seattle – while Spokane rhymed with Tehran…when pronounced in
Interior Salish.

Yeah?  Yaahh.

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