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Incidents of Coincidence

October 4, 2011

When it takes seven Spokane Police officers to kill a mentally challenged janitor, for the crime of being a mentally challenged janitor – in the presence of seven Spokane Police officers…it goes without saying, that perhaps Benjamin Todd Jealous should make a return trip to Spokane.

Oh but there I’ve gone and said it.

Like most places in the Homeland, Spokane has its share of hidden defense contractors who hate people of color, Islam and anyone with a an opinion that does not include endless war, or death-profits for freedom.

It’s a mouthful, but so is Science Applications International Corporation.  See JPRA West, Mitchell/Jessen and Otto Zehm for more.

Coincidences never being coincidental – are the reason for many an odd coincidence.

I like to tie together incidents of coincidence – like the murder of Otto Zehm, to that of the murders of a million followers of Islam, because Bush is an idiot, and Obama is Constitutional savant.

Incidents of coincidence.

Mitchell and Jessen – JPRA West and Iraq.

Mitchell and Jessen – SAIC and Bagram.

Mitchell and Jessen – Otto Zehm and Anwar Awlaki.

Mitchell and Jessen – Endless war and River Park Square.

Mitchell and Jessen – Justice and Alberto Gonzales.

Mitchell and Jessen – The light of day and Obama has a John Yoo too.

When secrets fall in the forest, no one but the NSA can hear them.

When secrets fall in our laps and at our feet –  they knock us to the ground, close our schools, take our jobs and rot our teeth.

Coincidence of incidents.

Sgt. Schultz be us while Colonel Klink be them.

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