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Time Shifted – Hope Faded

November 6, 2011

According the clock on the wall at any Lockheed Martin location near all of us…we’re an hour off from where we were yesterday.
Or something.

Guess that’s why they’re who they are.
They know what time it is.
And we haven’t a fucking clue.

All fornicating ideas aside – remember when all of your gun stroking relatives were certain, nay, downright frothy at the mouth!…that Clinton was going to disarm us all and possibly pay off some debt?  It’s ok, they don’t either.

Now that hope has faded away into the dark, stinky recesses and shit stained walls of Guantanamo — the FBI will soon be rolling out its next awesome generation of its most awesomeness Facial Recognition technology ever! – dude.

It’s being brought to us by the timekeepers at Lockheed Martin…and those relatives of yours, who are still unable to tell their weapon – from their gun – from their Patriot Act.

Happy 1984 hour differential from yesterday everybody!

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  1. jjradd permalink
    November 10, 2011 10:15

    The answer, Hope and a turd.

    The question, Name 2 things that can float, sink, and are generally taken for granted.

    What’s the next catch phrase for 2012? Maybe lower your expectations? Expect less and maybe you will be surprised?


    • November 10, 2011 10:55

      I like the lowering of expectations one…

      Expect Less! Say Ahh and Remember – a Pension and Healthcare are for Communist/Socialist/Hippies and Their Godless Pets.

      (I think Bachmann or the Texas idiot just said this).


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