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Drone Sausage, Apply Liberally

November 7, 2011

If it’s one thing of about 27 things that I hate more than the other 32 things that I don’t — it’s old conservative Democrats, chastising the occupy movement for…inconveniencing shoppers.

Let’s meet Joel Connelly.

Joel is a long time fixture of the ‘all things conservative democrat movement’; who also writes a paper-free column for the Seattle PI.  Today, Joel is taking on the “crazies”, who he believes are occupying the Occupy Wall Street movement of humans – who are actually doing something besides receiving emails.

Or ranting on Democratic Underground.
Or voting for Norm Dicks.

Norm fearing the Pink

Change – came to us in the form of just another contract for Lockheed Martin.  Journalism – died long ago, when Jimmy Carter was Ollie North’d,  but probably closer to when Edgar the Hoover, was Ollie Northing some young FBI man.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Joel is well versed in dealing with the Teabagging elite and their Reaganesque commentary of earth ending idiotocracy.  Joel is less than well versed, when dealing with Democratic Presidents who have taken the policies of the Bush – to a whole nother level of high crimes, and worse than Clinton misdemeanors.

Wall, Lockheed and Boeing’s streets – have all profited more so under Obama, than when they were poking around in the Bush.

The world wars on everything have increased in length, girth and profit margin stamina…and still the Teabangers and their confused, conservatively progressive Democratic buddies, are dissatisfied with the black man’s performance.

It has got to be the air we breathe, or the tainted Hanford-infused wine we drink.

Don’t fear the Pink Joel, but do fear the Dicks.

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