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Illusions of the Initiative.

October 19, 2011

Costco is rich, but liquor is quicker.

Wars cost trillions – marijuana waterboarded no one.

Wall Street cost you trillions
repairing tooth decay
costs them nothing.

Costco spent over $22 million to buy your addiction
While the Wine
and Spirits wholesaler
demand it

Obama’s drones kill children
Sasha and Malia are lied to

Good Morning America
breeds ignorance
The Bush twins still
plead it.

Occupy Wall Street!
Occupy Seattle!
Wenatchee, Spokane
and Boise?
Yes – the plutocracy
is in peril.

If prostitution and marijuana were legal
would not then Boeing, Jamie Dimon and the Patriot Act be somewhat less than?

Illusions of the initiative.
War is peace. has that email.

We the Patriot Acted
must be isssstthhhh
are issth drunk.

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