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Forever War and a Pancake

October 21, 2011

Alex – I’ll take The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency for 400.
Raise your hand if you’ve never heard of them.  Or Alex.

Well then, welcome to the unoccupied, fear-mongering department of forever war and pretend Homeland securing.  All of it brought to you by your tax dollars and Dancing With the Stars!

A segue will occur in 3…2…1

The occupy Wall Street movement is a wonderful sight to behold.  It’s confounded and confused the inept/while government-fed media stenographers of the Homeland.

But what of the Teabangers and their war mongering Democratic Party counterparts?
Are they confused – or just complicit?

See for more.

How about the Koch Brothers two and the various other white men of the plutocracy,  who control the price of everything from condoms to caskets?

Yes it’s true – they do get us coming and going.

Forever war, however, is indeed as forever as the pretend cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, Fukushima and my garage.  My garage won’t necessarily kill you, but the forgotten forever wars, Hanford and the LaRouche crowds favorite mystery, (Fukushima) will inevitably kill us before the GMO laden corn does.

We should occupy Wall Street along with our streets.
But the machine is big.

The machine cares not about human rights.
It cares about never-ending war
It cares about never-ending profit
It cares not what we occupy – as long as it’s not it.

Forever war does not end with Obama’s third ending in Iraq.
It will end with the occupation of the “it”.

How about a National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency with your pancakes this morning?

No? Oh well…there’s just no pleasing us.

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