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A Highway Runs Through It

October 18, 2011

For those of you in the ‘WA. State know’ – you know that Highway 2 runs through Leavenworth, Washington.

If God was real, she would have created Highway 2 somewhere far away from the drunken binge that is Leavenworth.  Somewhere relatively sober, like Iran.

Leavenworth – it’s drunken festival of drunken retards – Iran – Highway 2 – perfection.

In related news, Iran is still more frightening than the drunken idiots in Leavenworth, and if you’ve never driven through Monroe, Washington…you might just want to go back to Leavenworth and drink some more.

Yes I took a road trip
and like freedoms gas
forgotten wars seem free.

Prost! and do bring the kids…

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