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ILWU – IVAW – PMR and Yoo

September 8, 2011

Remember when everyone respected union jobs, health insurance and child/human labor laws?

That was before cable teevee and the pornfull internets came to be.  Today you will find the underemployed and overly Patriot Acted rubes of the Homeland, commenting on various news outlets about the evils of unions, the “liberal” president and those terrorist interlopers who just happen to be not white.

As I like to sometimes say…Thank God for Dick Cheney’s shriveled sac of freedom that is the Border Patrol!

(It has no real context…but it’s fun for me…)

Like our really expensive wars on Islam, anti-war activists, real food and Mexicans…most Spokesman Review commenters (see above link) love Cheney’s shriveled sac of freedom, but hate good wages, benefits and any word that ends with the letter z.

Before I was interrupted by the babbling idiot rubes of the Homeland who comment on the Spokesman Review’s AP copied articles…I’d like to point out that yes, the Longshoreman have gone and tried to stop a train filled with union-free grain in Longview, Washington.

Go right here for more.

Those longshoreman remind me just a bit…of my friends in the IVAW and the Olympia Port Militarization Resistance.  Not that the ILWU is really interested in ending Obama’s Bush wars on the world and labor…but in the fact that newspaper commenters now hate unions as much as my anti-war friends.

 That’s real progressive progress!

The difference however…is that if my friends in Oly PMR, or IVAW, or even the Stop the Checkpoints group in Port Angeles, were to overrun a government facility or port, hold security guards hostage and damage rail road cars…I think we’d be reading about a bunch of dead anti-war activists.

For more on the overrun Port of Longview and security guards being held hostage…go here.

The truth however…will not be found in any newspaper article.  The truth will be found in the idiot rubes of the Homeland, who feel compelled to remind us that 10 bucks an hour is fabulous…and health care, weekends and an 8 hour work day are for sissy Communist-Marxist-Democrats who look like Obama.

For even more on this story, think John Yoo.  Then ponder how a decades worth of war on less than a hundred – mud hut dwelling religious fanatics, may have cost you and your public school.

Think about Karl Rove and Dick Cheney’s shriveled sac’s of freedom.  Ponder how the policies of Bush are now the policies of Obama, yet one is somehow worse than the other.

I’ll ponder why the ILWU abandoned their stance on shutting down every port in the Homeland, over these BushBama wars…when they decided to

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  1. September 8, 2011 10:42

    Excellent post-

    I wondered about all this when I learned this morning that

    “In the 10 years since the Sept. 11 attacks, the federal government has spent $2.5 billion on a sweeping security overhaul at U.S. seaports from Seattle to New Orleans to Eastport, Maine, paying for everything from perimeter fencing to motion sensors and training for security officers.”


    • September 8, 2011 11:08

      If our government was occupied by free-thinking humans who actually had morals and a conscience…we’d be spending trillions on fixing schools, roads, jobs and Monsanto-free foods.

      Instead, we’ve fenced off the world – education and healthcare. “We’re” afraid of our own…who dislike apartheid’s, war and yet remember what the Bill of Rights was.

      Trillions for wars, Wall Street, Exxon and still Dick Cheney gets interviews. Billions to read our email, hunt Mexicans and grab our crotches at Setac, but nothing much left for solar power.

      Unions are evil. Brown-skinned humans are evil. Anti-war humans are like unions and the brown-skinned.

      Quite a fucking mess the GOP and Democrats have let us keep voting for.

      Thanks Yeomalt


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