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Hipster Douche Anti-War Federal Reserve Rap

August 22, 2011

Donald Rumsfeld is still hiding in plain sight, Karl Rove is still on our teevees and if what my Twitter setting tells me is true…war #6 in Libya is now through?

I guess since reality is just like every John Wayne movie I’ve never
seen — only the bad guys and about 234 Libyan horses were killed?


Iran, and what was left of the working class…we’re all next!

I don’t know my fellow laid back hipsters…it might be time to skip that next tattoo, quit the PBR and maybe, possibly, just perhaps…we should try keeping our minds on B of A’s money and our money out of the
F – R – to the B?

So much drama in the D-H-S

It’s kinda hard bein Vigilant V – L – one – S

So we might as well smoke an ounce to this

G’s up, “hose” down, while you motherfuckers bounce to this.

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