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Big Lebowski’s Tree of Life

August 22, 2011

Life can be a long pain in the ass, or too short of a fun ride.  I’m working on life being just a bit of both, so that it works out to be a pretty long and somewhat painful, good time in the ass.

Which brings us to Sean Penn.

Sean it turns out, is as confused about his role in The Tree of Life, as we are about Afghanistan’s role in the Army Anthrax Attacks against us.

Life really doesn’t have to be as difficult as we like to pretend it is.  For example, if we could live our lives in the same manner as Jeffrey Lebowski, the Homeland would still be on the verge of a Romanesque collapse…but goddamn it if we wouldn’t be much happier about it!

 Sure the Dude has issues. But at least he had like 105 more minutes of dialog than Sean does in the Tree…

If we could live our lives just a little bit more like the Dude, perhaps we’d have fewer drunken idiots at preseason football games.  You know, man…maybe we’d be enjoying year round Hempfest’s in Seattle and or Afghanistan instead.

Life.  Sometimes it hands you a decent script to work with…sometimes it sends you a “Chinaman” to pee on your rug.

I’m pretty sure that at this juncture, Mr. Penn would be going on about lines in the sand that should never be crossed.  “Across this line, you DO NOT crossAlso Lens dude, Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature.  Asian-American please“.
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