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Any Which Way the Wind Blows

August 21, 2011

There’s an old saying of dubious origin that goes something like this: “It’s not the size of any stupid deception we pass along through Judith Miller that matters…it’s how long the peoples will allow us to keep using it that counts.

When I go somewhere to relax and or spend money to relax, I never seem to be able to relax.  Be it a bar, a dead salmon-free wind farm or tagging a newkular weapons storage area at Bangor…I’m just not able to stop thinking about ‘teh stupid.’

It’s both a curse and a curse.

When I find myself trapped in Silverwood, at the end of a 45 minute line of delay — I am vaguely reminded of that word foreplay, in that both of them will end the same way.  Anticipation, excitement and dreams of Cancun! — all vanquished in 2 minutes or less, for a wet spot, a Hagadone millionare and the Inlander’s George Nethercutt…an editorializing lobbyist, whom you shouldn’t bother till well past noon.         

I can recall slapping away all of Sherman Alexie’s attempted layups…that used to emanate from within the then old but now dead, Spokane YM and C to the A.  John Stockton played in Utah, Adam Morrison more than likely will not.  Both have run into Michael Jordan — Craig Ehlo wishes, well, I think you know where this is going…that he had not.

A curse and a curse.

Recently, I stood at the base of a wind turbine.  I could see both the green desert as well as the Yakima Firing Range.  I had a sense of Hanford and just a tiny, but perfectly safe whiff of, what must have been Japan.

Alone with my thoughts, I thank and I thought — then I imagined huge piles of dead birds that Al Gore must of forgot.

This March, I walked along in Spokane with the NAACP.  They rallied against brain-damaged humans, whose bombs are meant to damage the brains of those humans — who’re able to use them.  During this march in March, myself also found itself thinking of Obama’s Libya, along with Chief Kirkpatrick and Steve Tucker’s…Otto Zehm.

Wind power kills some tens of thousands of birds, but buildings and windows kill some 549 million more.  Some views could be interrupted, but most of our views are already corrupted.

Any which way the wind blows and Dr. Seuss I surely am is are not.

Kirkpatrick Tucker's Otto Zehm

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