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We Are the World…

July 28, 2011

We are the chil… Dammit, sorry about that.  I was just reminiscing about that time in the mid 80’s, when we youngsters saved the world and its children from hunger, and then we even toppled a couple of repressive regimes or three.  Like Grenada.

It was a magical time; unions were strong when they weren’t being busted, MTV played videos and Reagan’s diaper was still moist with his Star Wars Initiative.  It was a cute little turd that couldn’t float then…and it still won’t today.

It seems in a way, that the troubles with the Homeland of today, are not all that different from Reagan’s cute little turd of yesteryore. Today’s Homeland isn’t supposed to float, stay solvent, or even trickle down.  It’s just supposed to reek of old man poop and repressive regime.

Dennis Kucinich today went on the floor of the House and attempted to remind us, that not unlike Reagan’s diaper, Congress is full of shit and someone should probably do something about it.

I guess the only remaining unanswered questions would be:  Who’s kiss is on Boehner’s list?  Whose dreams are being made to come true, and whose are not? Are we out of touch and time? Why did the rich girl go so far? And whose idea was it to invent two who’s?

Yeah, good times in the Homeland.  But really man, who the fuck invited John Oates to the party?
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