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Arsenio Hall Once Said It

July 28, 2011

Our nation is too big to fail the corporate state.  This inevitably leads to some type of police state, which if history is of any use to us…means we are destined to keep missing the point.

Since our moral compass is stuck on apathetic, many us of are not able to identify a fully armed al Qaeda terrorist from a Marijuana Eradication Team, or Pot-SWAT for lack of a better label.  We don’t get too worked up about Sarah Palin’s lack of a coherent gene pool, but we will sometimes riot over sports teams and or the premier block party of the Electric Daisy Carnival Experience.

The Democratic Party faithful are up in arms because the Teabagging Army of about 252 chubby infantrymen, have somehow taken over the Homeland.  How this happened with so many Democrats on the Hill and in the White House…is a pretend mystery to us all.

Coincidentally, that same Army of 252 ‘Teabagging chubby infantrymen‘, far out numbers the entire al Qaeda network of former
CIA freedom fighters.

I think it was Arsenio Hall that once said, “Hmmmmm”.

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