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Ironic Karma

July 3, 2011

Karma sure is ironic.

If lightning could strike twice…wouldn’t the Confederate camp at a Civil War re-enactment be the place for it to strike?  Evidently the answer to that is…yes.

If the lightning-struck Civil War reenactors had been drinking diet soda at that exact moment…wouldn’t that be ironic?  Don’t ya think?

When senior U.S. officials say that Iran funnels weapons to Iraq and Afghanistan, to speed up our withdrawal from those sovereign nations…are they being disingenuously naive, or Karmically ironic?

When Owen Wilson wins the Academy Award for Best Actor due to his incredible work in Cars 2, instead of his self-portrayal in Woody’s Midnight in Paris…Kevin Costner will still not be seen in Avatar.  Even though he was.

Ironic Karma!  It’ll get us one way or another, because sarcasm is just too goddamn lazy.
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  1. Tenzing permalink
    July 4, 2011 11:27

    speaking of mr fish, here’s his cartoon for today



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