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Democracy Pretenders

July 2, 2011

That sacred time of year when we celebrate freedom, democracy and our uncanny ability to remove the fingers of our offspring via tribal explosives…is upon us.

To me, nothing says happy Independence Day Homelandia!, better than a slow-witted child and his remaining four fingers of freedom.

Speaking of which…Attorney General Holder has decided to pursue “criminal investigations” into maybe two out of the approximately 4582 detainee deaths, that somehow only occurred while the CIA was around.

4582 detainee deaths?  You’ve only heard of 100 detainee deaths due to torture, because Kim Kardashian wore a tight outfit.  Again.

The Obama war criminals are indeed much better at this than Bush’s brain. Karl knew the Democrats would retire to the Democratic Underground and that would be that.  And that, was indeed that.

The day Rumsfeld decided to write a book…I was standing outside the gates of the Bush White House with many a gathered and angry Democrat.  When the news that Rumsfeld had ‘Palin’d it‘ reached the gathered angry Democrats…they did cheer!  Then Robert Gates returned to kill again, Pelosi cleared the table and everyone went home. 

The change that has occurred in those five years is staggering.  The angry while gathered Democrats never returned, Pelosi beat Cindy Sheehan and Obama is most certainly…a far better spokesman for the corporate owned and corporate droned Homelandia.  You’d think the reich wing and the bored wing would be happy?

There are no constraints on Executive power.  The War Powers Act might as well be scribbled on the side of a Starbucks paper cup.  But don’t worry, Starbucks only uses shade grown while ancient Amazonian trees, that are harvested by union slave labor…

Torturing POW’s was cause celebre, back in the stammering days of the Bush.  Today it’s perfectly legal.  John Yoo knew it, now you do too.

Mitchel and Jessen were hated within the CIA.  But look who’s laughing now!  Well, okay, they’re all laughing and Somalia you’re next!

As we drink to another year of freedom and independence this weekend, be sure to keep an eye out for Muslims, Mexicans and or Marxists.  Teabaggers call them the three M’s of the liberal elites…Others call it the creeping fungus of Fascism.

Sorry about your fingers kids!, but don’t blame mom and dad…blame the PBR and unions?
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