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Vietghanistan: Why Ask Why?

June 30, 2011

Jim Hightower gets paid to ask unanswered questions, while simultaneously poking at the corrupt, fleshy underbelly of the
status quo.

Jim’s a bit like Ralph Nader, except when you mention Ralph’s name…Democrats wont necessarily see Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize for what it is.

So Jim asks the question: The Unanswered Question in Afghanistan Is, Why?

If you’ve been reading anything around here for more than a few weeks, you’re already used to questions being answered with an unanswered question.  Hell, sometimes I don’t even ask!

The answers, are indeed within yourselves and Leon Panetta’s underwear drawer.  No one really wants to dig around in Leon’s drawer of man-panties for the truth…any more than they want to decipher my Teabagger-like butchering of the English language and all things horribly punctuated.

Being that I’m just in this for the beer and chicks…I’ll go ahead and answer Jim’s highly paid ‘non-question answer’, with a non-asked for answer of my own.

Why Vietghanistan?  Because Afghanistan will arrest its criminal bankers and we’ll just keep on giving ours bailouts and raises.

Why Vietghanistan?  Because Obama beats Palin in “a hypothetical,” head-to-head presidential race in Alaska, as well as in Texas.

Why Palin would be running for president of Texas, is beyond the realm of my understanding…but not Ralph Nader’s…which of course drives fucking insane.  Which is pretty nutty.

As Hightower no doubt knows, it’s the status quo, stupid.  And so far, the stupid status quo has cost your Homeland about 4 trillion dollars, not counting the CIA’s wars and various other shit you’ll never know about.

At least with Jim asking the unanswered question, that some of us, have been answering for quite some time now…more Homelandians will read it.  They’ll forget it by Saturday, but that’s why I’m here.

Be Vigilant and send me an editor with a huge expense account.
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  1. Tenzing permalink
    July 2, 2011 08:29

    ‘Math’ is one of those foreign words, right? I mean, it’s Greek or Muslim or something–and just look at how things are going in Greece and Vietghanistan these days.

    We need to stop letting the Socialists terrorize our school kids with education.

    Why not start with outlawing ‘math’ and all those other foreign words, like, I don’t know, ‘quiche,’ or ‘Mexican,’ or ‘Sherman Alexie’ what kind of name is that anyway’?

    What’s wrong with our good old-fashioned American language?


    • July 2, 2011 17:36

      Socialists and their fire departments, sewage treatment plants and librul schools…they should be deported and or hung like Saddam.

      Of course…we have no idea how well or poorly Saddam was hung, but it sure does come up a lot every Sunday with Father McCmansrtan.

      I’m thinking we should start a “pretend” Teabagger/MoveOn.orger blog…we’d have a great time with those talking points.


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