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Church Committee of the Damned

June 8, 2011

If a pretend Church Committee were to look into the last ten years or so of your governments crimes, Andrew Breitbart would probably derail it by releasing a photo of J Edgar Hoover’s penis.

And there we have today’s Homeland in a ‘nutshell’.

Janet Napolitano wants to remind you to ‘be Vigilant‘ and if perchance you see something, why not say something?  I know that DHS are regular readers of the Lens, which explains why they haven’t done anything about Karl Rove or Erik Prince.

It also explains why the U.S. Department of Education ‘is are’ using Education Remittance SWAT teams to break down the doors of student loan defaulters.

Why does this happen in the land of the Patriot Acted?  Because we allow it…aaaannndddd our mothers do indeed dress us funny.

Homeland paranoia is a gateway drug.  This drug can lead to harder drugs and crime like the U.S. Department of Education’s SWAT Teams, who educate us about why Robert Mueller should never leave the FBI.  This then leads to Mueller’s boys digging through our trash, reading our emails and watching us Farmland our lives away on Facebook…until some smart people finally realize that Monsanto’s Roundup, is as good for us as the liberal agenda of never-ending profit wars, where no draft is needed.

Be Vigilant! Homelandian’s and as always: If you see some PCB/Mercury laden fish, swimming in a river near a uranium mine…don’t be alarmed!  Andrew Breitbart will be along shortly to show you a photo of a penis.

A great mind once said : DDT did a job on me — now I’m a real sickie — guess I’ll have to break the news, that I got no brain to lose
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