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It’s the Code Word

May 23, 2011

We don’t have time for psychological romance…but we’re getting ‘romanced’ by the Homeland anyway.

We the Patriot Acted are hard pressed for time.  We’re barely able to procreate for the troops while simultaneously battling through a useless, four-hour round trip commute to our defense industry jobs…that kill Muslims for Kraft Brand foods.  Mainly because Goldman Sachs says so.

In other words, Robert Gates can’t tell the difference between an un-raptured Teabagger, from a liberal-minded, war supporting MoveOn.orger.

I think it was the great LeVar Burton who once “said”: The symbiotic relationship between Roots, Star Trek and Reading Rainbow, is somewhat related to those differences between Bush’s illegal wars and torture for Lockheed Martin — from synonymous Obama’s.  Change, whether it comes from a new Dilithium Crystal, or in the form of an extended Patriot Act, or even as a $55 billion dollar contract for some shiny new Air Force bombers…is in and of itself just like the change we needed in 1983.  In 1983, Reagan was doing away with socialist-like libraries, schools and bridges for Oliver North and Robert Gates’ work with Iran/Contra, the Tower Commission and William J Casey.

Think of it this way, freedom is just a code word for profit margins…and if your library is still open…the books and internet porn are free!

I’m not sure what the hell LeVar and I are even talking about, but that’s alright…this is what Jesus invented the Discovery Channel and Michele Bachmann for.

Word up and stuff.
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