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The Ultimate Dylan Post

May 24, 2011

Bob Dylan’s influence on the pre-Homeland society of America, was about as influential as influential can get.  However, Matt Dillon’s influence on the society of pre-Homeland America was easier to understand.

Dylan successfully mumbled his way through the last 40 years, because his legions of fans had no idea what he was saying.  Kind of like ol’ George W.  Just nod and smile and maybe he’ll go away.

Bob Dylan was the Toyota Prius of the conservative democrat, long before conservative democrats were against war and torture…and yet somehow before they were for Obama’s wars and torture for Bank of America.

Think of it this way, Bob is to the Peace Prius driver as Obama is to the Palin/Bachmann cleavage watcher.

Obama does Bush better than Bush.  The Peace Prius driver was against the Bush, now they’re knee-deep in the Bush.  The Palin/Bachmann cleavage watcher?  Obama’s black.

Dylan is 70, down is up and Border Patrol Patriots do not speak Farsi.

Life is like Maggies Farm.  It’s a protest song that’s not really about protesting, but more about Peace Prius drivers and their faded Obama stickers of hope.

I think I’ll take my cues on living from Pat Healy, Cliff Poncier and Bob Hughes…because they’re more like most of us Whole Foods Market shoppers, than any Walmart shopper knows.

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