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The End of Thyme

May 22, 2011

Thyme Shopping Network

We can’t see how spending trillions on Obama’s wars and torture camps instead of education, Cuban missile-like health care, or farmers markets…led to the miscommunication between Jesus and Harold Camping.

Jesus was out of Thyme…and Harold was chosen to go shopping.

Shopping for Jesus is still pretty cool, but it doesn’t pay Eric Prince to kill brown-skinned humans.

If there were any lessons to be learned, we’d just ignore them and keep blaming Ralph Nader for Obama’s Bush.  Obviously Harold’s no angel, he’s just an older, less insane version of Tom Cruise.

Education!  A terrible thing to fully fund.

Thyme!  A herb that Jesus is still out of.

Profit!  Jesus died for it and then Saudi Arabia attacked us.

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