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The Zombie Apocalypse and You

May 21, 2011

The food humans and their brains over at the CDC do have a sense of humor, but their sense of actually protecting us from diseases like Bush, Karl Rove and team corporate Obama…leaves a bad taste in the mouths of approximately 1 in 61,984 zombies polled.

Ali Khan is the assistant surgeon general of the glorious Homeland with the sense of humor.  No doubt you’ve heard of him and his zombie fun over at the CDC’s website.

I heard about it from the Christian Science Monitor…and that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Dance Zombies - Dance!

The CDC is a bit like Homeland Security and the NSA.  They’d all rather be floating away in the rapture, but like any song from Selena Gomez, the endless wars, neewkular energy or Obama’s Nobel Peace prize…all just figments of your magical Disney marketing imagination…

Perhaps if the CDC or Homeland Security were to warn us about Monsanto, Blackwater/Xe or Ron Paul’s racist son?  Maybe Janet Napolitano and Ali Khan could make a video with Ted Nugent…warning us about Bank of America and the Patriot Act and sit it right between Steven Tyler and J-Lo?

I bet we’d “get it” then?  Yes?

No, probably not.

Thanks CDC, but I think most of the Homeland is pretty safe from the hordes of brain eating zombies.  Brains are required to entice the zombies and as of this morning…there’s about 200 million disappointed Homelandian’s who didn’t wake up in heaven, right next to bin Laden and Saddam.

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